Purple Tears

Artwork I created after the passing of Prince. A lot of good times connected to some of the favorites classic music! Respect

3 kings..maybe

So I told him 10 dollars and his face balled up like a writer creating with writers block. Oh! I’m talking about the guy in the pic with the red hoody. You see, he was asking about the cost of my new newly release coloring book. It seem like him and his people came across the event while walking by. The locals I quickly assumed. They walked around scooping the event trying to register what was going on.
So these fellas rolled up on me smelling like weed smoke wanting some answers. So after mentioning the price. He wanted to at least look through the book. He asked questions. Good questions. The outcome and His reply “I need to buy this for my nephew”. He paid. He wanted me to sign the book. And I enlighten his people about the art work hanging in the shop. Everybody happy. If I judged a book by its cover. The 3 dudes would’ve snub everything about the event. Just putting people together to be better. Yes yes y’all

Back at it Again

Like some white Vans! Dope pic by Phyllis.iller

Tunnel Vision

Is Mercury still in retrograde? Lawd! The craziness that’s going on towards me make me glad i’m focus on my mission no matter what’s the condition. I might think about it for a quick slight minute. Brush that shit off, then keep it moving. I got places to go and your action makes it one less person to dang see. Yup!

Getting through MONDAY

I’m looking pass the actually day and more into the task. Work at the job is Automatic, with a splash of rah rah from people that think your loyal to the job. When in fact your just anchored to it just to pay bills. My personal goal. This Monday right here leads me to uncharted planned lands. The risk is risk but it’s my risk. You have to start somewhere even when you wonder if things are stable under you. Oh! what a RUSH!!!

No Other WAY!!

Man! So much on the plate this year but my passion is HUNGRY son!

The Perception

As of late the material I’ve been consuming is based off of our choice in life and what’s really right and wrong. The never ending story is our placement in life and how bad we want the answer to be during that personal moment of truth. That Open door isn’t used just to let you in. It’s way to walk out of situation also. Better yet, Close the chapter to many things that need that closure. Etc, etc, etc


Let the dang Sunshine in!

Man! It’s so easy to get caught up when things are crazy in life. Especially when that craziness seems to have your name written all in that cake mix. But it only last as long as we let it. You gotta pull that ground beneath your feet partna!! and go out in a blaze if you……. Wait! Wrong quote. I’ll use that another time. Hahaha. But you know how it feels when life is very good. Think about how often them days occur. Now think of them bad days. More good than bad. But both are contagious. So, would you want people to be mean fully happy around you based off of your energy. Or depress as dish!! Take it all as it come. Divine order is always in effect baby! So you can’t lose unless you want too. Run wit it!!

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