Then there was TWO


I had a chance to be with the Talented Ree Swann in the Dead Ringer show. The concept is team up a photographer with a visual artist to create something fly off of each other energy. It was a perfect way help then build off another person creative skills.


Bear with me

Man! This image can easily describe my work week. They said it was gonna be heavy because of the holiday weekend but what the heck?! A whole lot of crawling in the crib late at night. Confuse about the many days in the week. So I embrace this Friday like the bear grip I’ve been put in. hahaha. Hopefully my voice return just like my damn soul! Smh, breath easy!

The CALM before the REAL

photo Frank Toepfer

So starting this weekend. Actually Sunday. The days will blend together for 4 weeks into something of confusion. The stress meter will shatter space and sound. You have to be built for it. And even if your built for it. You can’t expect or determine how it’s going to come because your blind to the hands that’s being dealt to you. You don’t give up. You don’t try to figure it out. You brace for impact and manage through it with a level head. While people around you lose theirs. Yea. My game plan for these upcoming week. Roll with the punches and ride out that holiday work storm.